ALL YOU NEED TO CREATE YOUR OWN amazing custom mockups.

Download free mock-up kits packed with product images, product templates and instructions.

Is it free?

Yes, and there’s no sign up, we don’t ask you to tag or credit us, just download and use.

Creating your mock‑up can be fun and rewarding with the right tools.

Each DiY Mock‑up kit has all the assets you need to create a custom product mock‑up  packed into a convenient PSD file.

3D-rendered images of products in various materials and colors let you show off your design skills.

Templates that illustrate the shape and surface of the product help you place a logo in no time.

Gradient and color-blocked selection sets make editing and transforming images easy.


Traditionally, a mock‑up is a replica of a product in a smaller size or in different materials. By producing a smaller and usually cheaper model, the production cost, material durability and appearance can be evaluated.

In the digital age, it’s no longer necessary to create a physical model of a branded product. In order to visualize it, you can mock‑up a product by using graphic software. A digital mock-up is focused on appearance, so it’s an incredibly useful tool in branding and packaging design.

When you create your own mock‑up, the aim is to make it as versatile as possible. Changing the colors and materials of a product, adding logos or branding elements are just some of the design edits you can achieve with a DiY mock‑up kit.

Create your own custom mock-up

A good mock‑up needs a quality product image of to build upon. Every DiY mockup kit includes images of a product in various materials and colors; all you have to do is pick your favorite.

A good mock-up lets you place and transform your own image so it wraps around the product.

Every DiY mock‑up kit includes two matching images:

  • image of the product covered with a checkered pattern,
  • a flat template of the product covered with the same pattern.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to transform and warp one image to match the other. The matching set of images makes superimposing any image over the product easy, and the results will impress anyone.

A good mock-up lets you brand the product and express your vision to the fullest. Add your own logos and effects to make the mock‑up your own.

cubes with a checkerboard pattern illustrate a step in creating a mock-up
a cardboard box with a pink tag as an example of a variety of assets that come with each mock-up kit
a cardboard box splattered with colors expressing the possible creativity you can achieve with our assets

Your excited to use DiY mock‑up kit for your design, but you find rules on licensing confusing. Read through our frequently asked questions for practical examples where and how you can use our free product images.